Care Instructions

A good relationship takes effort from both sides. We promise to make everything  as high-quality as possible but we need a little effort from your end. Here’s some tips to help you out:

  • Don’t drop the ball, the soap, or your chain. Most of our beads, charms, and pearls are small, real, handmade, and delicate. Hard impact can break or chip glass and ceramic so make sure to handle with care.
  •  Sunscreen, cologne/perfume, soap, lotions, and other products with harsh chemicals are no bueno for your xx piece.
  • No Swimming: your jewelry is better on dry land so make sure to remove them for any water-based activity like showering, swimming, or whatever other weird shit you’re into. Chlorine is extremely harmful to jewelry. Also best to keep them off during physical activity like working out and netflix and chilling.